Problem between Xcode and Assembla

If you are using SVN directly through your XCODE and on-line SVN server Assembla, you have may noticed, that since you have downloaded the newest version of XCode 4 you can not access your repository anymore. The reason is that XCode and Assembla (and probably any other SVN service) do not communicate credentials properly.

The reason is authorisation problem between Assembla and XCode. The solution:

  1. Open Terminal Application
  2. Type in following: svn ls
  3. Authorize first user (which is wrong user, since this is your local computer user) through password
  4. Since this failed now you have a chance to authorize the right user with right password
  5. After that everything should work and you may use SVN directly through XCode again without installing an external SVN client




Great tip, thank you very much!

posted by roman / 07.06.11 - 9:06 pm

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