Holistic Approach To Green Architecture

Ivan Redi of Graz- and London-based ORTLOS Space Engineering speaks at International GreenBuild Conference 2011 held in the Serbian capital Belgrade on Nov 24th 2011.

Beyond the traditional notion of the architect as a designer of forms and functions for the buildings, the architects need to become designers of eco-systems. These systems of both ecology and economy are maintained not only by the flows of people but also by the flow of resources like information, energy, waste and matter. They also incorporate the human consumption patterns into our natural environment. The current discussion about sustainability suggests that the modern society is a kind of ballast for the planet and detrimental to the environment. Therefore, we need to provide pro-active solutions in search for future developments, which are not only limiting and restrictive to the current life-style in order to achieve the sustainability and the human-nature equilibrium. Sustainability is simply not enough.

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