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Agent based technology

The nature of complexity considering design environments, characterizes creative design projects as complex adaptive systems that depend on multi-agent systems’ solutions. The interaction between multiple agents in the system results in an emergent behavior of the overall system. In order to implement web-service orientated application through whole phases of product ...

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Context-aware environments

The integration of context awareness and web services into virtual prototyping applications offers considerable potential for enhancing their versatility and ensuring that end-users are provided with access to context-specific data, information and services. The context parameters that need to be incorporated can be defined by the project team based on ...

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Multi-agent virtual world as design platform

Using simulation platforms like Second Life for virtual prototyping (products, buildings and urban settings) is a very sound concept. Many efforts exist, as well, to change from closed and proprietary software systems to rather open-source oriented frameworks within design advancement. The idea is to introduce performative simulations of design proposals ...

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Virtual Performative Design

The concept of the designer “thinking through his drawing” was main perception of design for decades. Design was seen as a manipulative process of formal representations done by drawing or modeling. However, if the form finding is based upon performance then the emergence is a preference rather then preconceived ...

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