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Urban Eco-System

Theory behind the project Urban Eco-System, focused on understanding how cities work as ecological system and how sustainable structures can increase the quality of urban life.

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Architecture of Networks – Experiment or Reality

Interview about architecture of the networks, performative design, new technologies, sustainability, and future architecture.

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Holistic Approach To Green Architecture

Ivan Redi of Graz- and London-based ORTLOS Space Engineering speaks at International GreenBuild Conference 2011 held in the Serbian capital Belgrade on Nov 24th 2011. Beyond the traditional notion of the architect as ...

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Lecture: Performative Networked Design

Full length recording of ORTLOS lecture: “Performative Networked Design” at Bartlett School of Architecture UCL London International Lecture Series

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Alphabet for the Architecture of the Networks

The following alphabet is an attempt to start discussion about new definition of architectural source code (alphabet is a code needed to decode and to understand particular writing), however not of architecture in general (which would be impossible) but the very specific architecture of the networks.

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Soft Bodies – Non-Rigid Spaces

The performative approach can be developed and transformed into an operative concept for architecture. Since the body is a soft entity, the space which is to be transformed must be non-rigid. Inevitable intrusion of bodies into controlled order of architecture happens by simply entering the building: an act that violates ...

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Virtual Performative Design

The concept of the designer “thinking through his drawing” was main perception of design for decades. Design was seen as a manipulative process of formal representations done by drawing or modeling. However, if the form finding is based upon performance then the emergence is a preference rather then preconceived ...

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