The future of the past working place

About the working place of the future and the future of the past working place from today's perspective.

Urban Eco-System

Theory behind the project Urban Eco-System, focused on understanding how cities work as ecological system and how sustainable structures can increase the quality of urban life.

Architecture of Networks – Experiment or Reality

Interview about architecture of the networks, performative design, new technologies, sustainability, and future architecture.

Work Extreme Party Extreme

A brief list of advices I gave to my students in last 15 years of teaching activity, of which I think are really helpful in domain of architecture.

Holistic Approach To Green Architecture

Ivan Redi of Graz- and London-based ORTLOS Space Engineering speaks at International GreenBuild Conference 2011 held in the Serbian capital Belgrade on Nov 24th 2011. Beyond the traditional notion of the architect as ...


Today there is a strong desire for recipes, and advices and suggestions of all kinds. The “How to’s” have become our ultimate guidelines to almost everything. It is nowadays common sense, that any kind of knowledge can only be consumed as a tutorial. Alternative ways can be tried out, but ...

Ortlos Manifesto

ORTLOS must be a kind of matrix, an infinite, constantly changeable field of the creative entries of those who shape it. ORTLOS is an instrument for the nomadic working methods. Ideal for ORTLOS projects would be to spread everything out onto a single page, on one and the same surface: ...

House of Fame

There is a place at the centre of the World, between the zones of earth, sea, and sky, at the boundary of the three worlds. From here, whatever exists is seen, however far away, and every voice reaches listening ears.

Image and Reality

Drawings help us to rethink our ideas about the two phenomena for which architects, and architects alone, will continue to be responsible in future: space and light.

Urban Informatics

Principles and technologies of Artificial Intelligence in general, and of Neural Networks and Cellular Automata in particular, offer the potential to increase the knowledge in urban dynamics by multiplying the information capacity of the GIS and by offering a new approach to territorial modeling.

Quantum Architecture

Quantum physicists, architects, sociologists, researchers and students come together in this issue of the iA bookzine to challenge the new territory of Quantum architecture.

Lecture: Performative Networked Design

Full length recording of ORTLOS lecture: “Performative Networked Design” at Bartlett School of Architecture UCL London International Lecture Series

Alphabet for the Architecture of the Networks

The following alphabet is an attempt to start discussion about new definition of architectural source code (alphabet is a code needed to decode and to understand particular writing), however not of architecture in general (which would be impossible) but the very specific architecture of the networks.

Open Source Architecture

Open Source Architecture means implementation of the principles defined by Open Source community in architectural practice. The OSA rules, which have been developed for the "Open Source" software license and reinterpreted for our purposes, are an attempt to regulate how we could do things in day to day architectural practice.

Our time has come!

Radical reshaping of communication conditions is currently at the top of the agenda of civilization's progress. Architecture must be seen as an open work.

Soft Bodies – Non-Rigid Spaces

The performative approach can be developed and transformed into an operative concept for architecture. Since the body is a soft entity, the space which is to be transformed must be non-rigid. Inevitable intrusion of bodies into controlled order of architecture happens by simply entering the building: an act that violates ...

Problem between Xcode and Assembla

If you are using SVN directly through your XCODE and on-line SVN server Assembla, you have may noticed, that since you have downloaded the newest version of XCode 4 you can not access your repository anymore. The reason is that XCode and Assembla (and probably any other SVN service) do ...

Guardian’s Data Store

Not trying to make marketing for Guardian, but this is a very interesting site considering data journalism and data visualization. I am just putting the information together.

Uncertain principle

Uncertainty is not a principle - it is a strategy. ORTLOS : about architecture of the networks, a desire for production and connected intelligence.This Lecture was given at MAT (Media, Art and Technology program) USCB Santa Barbara, in March 2009.

Agent based technology

The nature of complexity considering design environments, characterizes creative design projects as complex adaptive systems that depend on multi-agent systems’ solutions. The interaction between multiple agents in the system results in an emergent behavior of the overall system. In order to implement web-service orientated application through whole phases of product ...

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